Please Note The New Water mark. Please read it and understand that taking a screen shot and posting or printing is against copyright laws. I didn't want to have to do this but after recently attending an event and seeing printed screen shots with philmar photo watermarks on display I decided it was time. I apologize to all my loyal supporters. There is a lot of money and time put into taking and posting photos on this site. It's free to look but please purchase prints or downloads if you like what you see and want to see this website continue. My Name is Phil Marabella and I am a freelance photographer and also the Yearbook Photographer for Berks Catholic High School and Wyomissing High School. If you do not wish to have your son or daughter on my website please let me know and I will remove them. Thanks and Enjoy!! and don't forget to tell your friends !

All Photos on my website have been edited for color and lighting, Feel free to use the cropping tool on checkout to optimize the photo for the size you pick. If the size you pick cuts off part of your subject please let me know and in most cases I can reload a new image that will not be zoomed in as much and will allow you to pick the size you want without losing any of your subject. The copyright watermark will not appear on prints or ordered downloads.

If you would like to purchase photos but do not want to use a credit card please contact me, I can make arrangements so that you can pay with Paypal, check or cash.

send email to : or call 484-955-6098

Note: due to new price structures with the web service, all orders that contain a digital download and are under $10 total will include a $.50 download fee.